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Wingsurfing is undoubtedly the new trend for summer 2024: a brand new wind sportfastly growing in popularity, attracting both expert and first time riders with no previous watersport experience. The number one reason why it's so popular is that anyone can do it!

Our Wing-foil courses Will start on beach, to learn how a foil wing works and how to set it up. After that we go in the water, to learn how to get on the board, how to waterstart and the pumping technique.  Once you master these skills it’s time to combine them and start to wingsurf! 
1. Wing Control:

  • Rigging and knowledge about material

  • General wind knowledge, wing and board control 

In this lesson you will first learn how a foil wing works. After that, you will to experience what it's like to sail on an beginner board downwind or upwind using a wing. To start, you kneel on the board and then stand, 

2. Pumping technique:
After learning the basics, it's now time to learn the wing foil pumping technique to get out of the water!

Lesson focus:

  • Pump technique

  • How to stand on a foil board

  • Waterstart

3. Wing Foil:
You will learn how to sail back and forth using a foil board and wing. Starting with the basics, you'll soon be surfing and going through turns like a pro!

Lesson focus:

  • Navigation on the foil

  • How to Jibe 

  • Tips & Tricks :) 

Windsurfing Hydrofoil school Pricelist

1 hour private lessons 69eur

3 hour Private lesson 205eur

6 hours group lesson 205eur

( 2 people -one instructor )

* New 2023 Duotone & Fanatic Equipment 

*Lessons are run with radio helmets. 


* Professional instructions.


*Constant boat assistance.

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