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    Kitesurfing holiday package 2023   

The price is per person


April                                440 €


May                                 460 €

June 01.06 -15.06                   480 €

June 15.06 -30.06                  520 €


July                                 540 €


August                             540 €


September                        480 €


Accommodation price for additional

person ( without a course) per

the night is 15€-30€ depending on the Month




(Fully equipped, Kitchen,Balcony or Terrace,Tv, Free Wi-fi, Aircon, Grill, Parking,Pets allowed (extra fee)


- IKO KITESURFING BEGINNER COURSE 12 hours 3-5days or IKO ADVANCED COURSE 12h 3-5 days ( IKO Certificate, Gear, Wetsuit, Harness, teaching with radio helmet, Video analysis...)







Learning how to kitesurf with us will be a real experience 

-Always Safety First

- Maximum comfort with our powerful boats

- Maximum efficiency with radio controlled teaching

- Detailed Video Analysis

- Unmatched experience of our IKO instructor team

- Professional and new Duotone equipment


Lessons are run with radio helmets so all you need to do is practice and listen to your experienced instructor guiding you.



The apartments are situated in Viganj, a Kitesurfing oasis on peninsula Pelješac in southern Dalmatia. 

Are you imagining your vacation far away from the stress of everyday life but with all the essentials that go with it? Then our apartments will fulfill all your expectations.


If you’re into windsurfing or kitesurfing, Viganj has some of the best conditions in Croatia. The village is strung out along the coast 7km west of Orebić, near the tip of the Pelješac Peninsula.

Kitesurfing conditions are good end of April till the end of September. During the summer, morning wind conditions are suitable for beginners. Summer afternoons create perfect surfing conditions for advanced and professional surfers with Maestral, a west wind, reaching an average speed of 20 knots.

Screenshot 2018-12-07 at 18.51.08.png

WATER DONKEY kitesurfing station in VIGANJ on the Pelješac peninsula is one of the windiest and most popular kitesurfing spots in Croatia.


You will find the best wind conditions from June to the end of August. (Maestral from the northwest). But also May and September (Bora from the northeast and the Jugo from the south) should not be neglected. The wind is caused by the temperature differences between land and water. You need a stable high-pressure area over Croatia and the thermal build-up reliably. In the months of May, June, and July the wind usually starts at noon and then blows through until evening. Here the average wind force reaches approx. 4-5 Bft. In August, due to the higher temperatures, the thermal starts a little later. Then the wind only comes from around 2 p.m. Here, too, the wind still reaches approx. 4-5 Bft. In September the wind starts a little later and often only comes from around 3 pm to 4 pm. Even in these months, you can still go surfing for 2 to 3 hours a day, but with larger sails and kites, as the wind hardly gets stronger than a good 4 Bft. The good and very even wind (Maestral) always comes side shore from the right. Depending on the weather, it blows side-offshore or side-onshore. In the side-onshore wind direction, the wind may be slightly weaker for the first few meters than outside. In the morning there is usually only a light wind, which is perfect for beginners or some light training.