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  Kitesurfing Gift Voucher  

Kitesurfing & windsurfing Gift Vouchers

Buy now/ pay later when starting the course ❤️☀️🌺😀

The Ideal Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary present.


Gift vouchers are a perfect present for all occasions and can be purchased for any of the courses and lessons we offer and in any of the sports, whether it is kitesurfing / windsurfing / equipment rental / SUP, Kajak rental 


You buy it now but pay before starting of the course / rental 

The gift vouchers don’t have to be the full price of the course or item, a contribution can be purchased which is a great Christmas, birthday, wedding or anniversary present.

These vouchers are valid for a year (24.4.2024 - 22.9.2024)Vouchers are transferable between lessons, so it’s no problem if the person you purchase it for decides they’d like to try something else!

Email us for more info

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