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  The wind in this statistic was blowing at least 2 hour per day

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  The wind in VIGANJ in this statistic was blowing at least 2 hour per day

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  The wind in this statistic was blowing at least 2 hour per day

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WATER DONKEY kitesurfing station in VIGANJ on the Pelješac peninsula is one of the windiest and most popular kitesurfing spots in Croatia.


You will find the best wind conditions from June to end of August. (Maestral from the northwest). But also May and September (Bora from the northeast and the Jugo from the south) should not be neglected. The wind is caused by the temperature differences between land and water. You need a stable high pressure area over Croatia and the thermal builds up reliably. In the months of May, June and July the wind usually starts at noon and then blows through until evening. Here the average wind force reaches approx. 4-5 Bft. In August, due to the higher temperatures, the thermal starts a little later. Then the wind only comes from around 2 p.m. Here, too, the wind still reaches approx. 4-5 Bft. From September the wind starts a little later and often only comes from around 3pm to 4pm. Even in these months you can still go surfing for 2 to 3 hours a day, but with larger sails and kites, as the wind hardly gets stronger than a good 4 Bft. The good and very even wind (Maestral) always comes sideshore from the right. Depending on the weather, it blows side-offshore or side-onshore. In the side-onshore wind direction, the wind may be slightly weaker for the first few meters then outside. In the morning there is usually only a light wind, which is perfect for beginners or some light training.


Learning to kitesurf with us is a real experience. Lessons will include every detail of this nature-driven sport of kitesurfing. Guaranteed learning success !!!!


Crystal clear water, dreamlike landscapes, secluded bays, picturesque villages and last but not least the reliable thermal winds that blow on the island from May to October. All of this makes Viganj a great windsurfing spot

The really beautiful, picturesque village of Viganj is not only a good windsurfing and kitesurfing spot, mountain bikers and hikers also get their money's worth here. With the combination of windsurfing, biking, hiking, Mediterranean flair and good food, Viganj is the perfect island to spend a varied wonderful holiday.



Environment alternatives

The place Viganj offers beautiful beaches and some bars and restaurants. Much more interesting is Orebic and Korcula, where a beautiful beach promenade invites you to stroll, shop and eat out. The traditional Dalmatian cuisine rounds off your vacation and makes you want more.

The nightlife in Orebic and Korcula is divided into small bars, where there is also dancing at later hours.

The highest mountain, Sveti Ilija, is almost 961 meters high and can be reached on foot in 2.5 hours. An extraordinarily beautiful all-round view of the island awaits you at the summit.



If you are looking for a combination between a perfect family vacation, windsurfing, kite urfing, biking and swimming, Peljesac is the right place for you! The most beautiful crystal clear turquoise water paired with a super speed spot can only be found here! And the friendliness of the locals makes the whole package complete and your vacation perfect

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