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During the day most people hang out on the main beach "Ponta". In the center of the beach you have a nice small BEACH BAR " BOFOR", which means that you do not have to leave the beach to refresh yourself with a cold drink. It offers cocktails, coffee, ice cream, and there is always good music. It is opened in the evening, and a special enjoyment is to drink in an incredibble moon rise with a view to the town of Korčula. This bar organizes a few beach partys during the summer and normally the best are opening and closing of the Croatian championship in windsurfing. 

Nightlife in Viganj 


Only 50m from the central beach Ponta you have one more choise for nightlife" K2" This bar organizes a few beach partys during the summer.  All the wind and kite surfers hang out there after the sunset. In K2 you can leave your child in a small play park while drinking your beer in the shade, playing table football, billiard or simply, do nothing.



If you want  a lot of people you must go to Korcula,with a small boat from Viganj or with the ferry from Orebic wich is 7km from Viganj.The boat ride takes only 15min and costs 15kn p.p

Drinking in Korcula is not so popular during the day,  at night, however, Korcula becomes Snorcula - there is  almost a total lack of decent bars in the Old Town, and a string of flashy places just behind the bus station are curiously joyless bunch..

Marco Polo Mistique Bar has DJ sessions almost every night where excellent DJ Zookey does the job

Later in the evening, mingle with local youth at Dos Locos before hitting Gaudi Discoteque, a disco located in one of the oldest arsenals on the Adriatic and one of the only places where you can dance until early morning birds start chirping.There are sometimes open air concerts in Korcula, usually performed by local bands


Most of the nights during summer, there are live music at various bars around Korcula - at Akademija, Noa, Deja Vu, Dno Dna, Tramonto, Mistique etc..

Nightlife in Orebic


In Perna, down at the camp Komodor you have a bar Stranj also on the beach where you have partys every night but only until 1 am, and 10 minutes from Stranj you have a nice lounge bar Bačva where you can chill, drink excellent cocktails or eat with good chilling music.

If you really want to party you can also go to Orebić. That's a small town 15 minutes from Viganj by car.You have there  great bars: Palomino, Tri palme, Cabalero wich are on the seaside. 

Trstenica Club is the best disco club in this area if you want to dance late at night until 04:00 in the morning.

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